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A Crisis
A Non-Profit
A Documentary


It’s all a lie...
We were brought up in a system that made us believe food grows on shelves,
clean water springs in bottles, health is in the hands of the doctors,
education lives in an establishment and money is the key to all.
It’s time to realize that all this is not true.




Background of the Project

A Seed for Change takes place in Greece, Lebanon, Belgium and France during
the social turmoil of Athens, while I was trying to remain optimistic in the midst
of this modern day tragedy. The recent economic crisis put me to the test and raised
a big question; are we able to lead a decent life with a fading income?

After a long investigation it became evident that only when we are able to grow food
without the need of a financial income, transcending to another level of human
experience becomes a possibility, and everything was linked to agricultural seeds
and knowing how to plant those seeds using a zero input organic method to produce
high quality free food that provides all the necessary to achieve autarchy.

Thus a long journey begins, looking for agricultural seeds and the know-how
for growing my own food for free – a simple individualistic solution that soon proved to be
a very complex global problem, as the building blocks for my venture were the seeds;
natural seeds of all varieties that are able to complete their life cycle and reproduce
themselves for free just like they did for thousands of years before. But I couldn’t find
these heritage seeds because seeds have become patented, modified, genetically locked,
expensive and in the hands of very few private companies. Natural farmers link together
the many reasons why we cannot collect seeds from the new breeds dominating the markets
today, to a shaky democracy and the weaving of a dark future of global food scarcity
by corporate giants. In addition, growing natural reproducible seeds has become illegal.