Alex Ikonomidis is a Greek graduate from Notre Dame University - Louaize, with a BA in ‘Communication Arts / Radio and Television’. In parallel to his university studies, he helped art students with their 3d animation projects as part of the university's financial aid program he enlisted in, and received an intensive special-effects training from Quantel before starting his first full time job as 2D animator in the promotion department of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, where he remained until his graduation in 1998.

Upon receiving his university degree, he moved back to Greece where he first served his army stint, before getting back to filming and motion graphics using major platforms and editing programs such as Avid DS, Avid Media composer, Maya and FinalCutPro.   

He developed his filmmaking skills - which include everything from filming, editing and directing - collaborating with prestigious production companies and international broadcasters in Europe and the Middle East, such as the BBC, MTV, ITN, Globecast, ESPN, Endemol, Boomtown Films, ABL Films, and more…

Alex proved to be a valuable asset to all projects he worked on. He is an accomplished technical problem solver with multi lingual skills and with work experience ranging from high end TV commercials and music videos to reality shows and electronic news gathering. Alex reads and writes English, French, Arabic and Greek and developed both, speed and artistic qualities that turned him into an excellent storyteller and a distinguished director.  

‘A Seed for Change’ is his first feature documentary and is a good sample of Alex’s potentials where he researched, wrote, produced, directed, shot and edited everything on his own.